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About Us | Reid RaetzerReid Raetzer

About Us

Who we are

The names of Reid and Raetzer have been prominent in the Insurance Broking Industry since 1969 and since 1985, Reid Raetzer IB PTY LTD have served as one of the leading insurance brokers in Durban and KwaZulu-Natal.

Founders Ted Reid and Mike Raetzer first worked together at Samuel A. May Insurance Brokers before forming RRIB. Today all five of the original staff members, including Mike’s wife, Norma, are still with RRIB, as are many of our initial clients.

Our philosophy

Honesty and integrity, expert advice, value for money and good old-fashioned service ethics are just some of the reasons for our enduring client relationships; these are values that have stood the test of time.

RRIB’s acquisition of a number of Insurance Brokerages over the years has enabled us to increase our bargaining power within the Insurance Industry.


Michael Grossi
Mike Raetzer
Ted Northcote-Reid
Graham Kelly
Hylton Northcote-Reid

Felecity Spark (Manager)
Carol De Bock (Commercial Claims)
Seema Mohanpershad (Commercial Claims)
Julie Sayed (Personal Claims)
Sné Myeza (Personal Claims)

Internal Brokers
Mandy Taylor (Commercial)
Marian Walters (Commercial)
Nalini Mohan (Commercial)
Nava Michael (Commercial)
Norma Raetzer (Commercial)
Debbie Shaw (Commercial)
Chantelle Mac Donald (Personal)
Lynne Groenewald (Personal)
Jenny Nel (Personal)
Life Assurance, Investments, Medical Aids & Employee Benefits  
Franci Rust
Sonita Munsamy
Ricky Mnyandu

Financial Advisors
Allen Fedkenhauer (Manager)
Danie Makaal
Mark Crundwell
Rebecca Ramkissoon
Janine Verity
Wesley Moodie

Accounts & Administration
Helen Nuss

Gloria Dlamini

Sbu Xaba

Office Assistant
Ruth Mvokwe

Should you wish to e-mail any of the above individuals, their personal email address is their first name and the first initial of their surname @rrib.co.za.
EXAMPLE: Michael Grossi – michaelg@rrib.co.za

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