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Paintless Dent Removal | Reid RaetzerReid Raetzer

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal – a simple, sound and inexpensive solution

Paintless dent removal removes small dents from your vehicle’s bodywork using the revolutionary cost and time saving technique of paintless dent removal.

Paintless dent removal is carried out by skilled artisans, using special tools. Its benefits include:

  • Faster and cheaper than traditional methods
  • No need for sanding or body filler. Vehicle retains original factory paint finish which helps enhance the resale value
  • Minor surface scratches can be compounded and polished
  • Paintless dent removal also repairs stone chips to windscreens. These repairs are carried out by a reputable auto glass company

What are the additional benefits of paintless dent removal?

  • Avoids the need to claim against your motor insurance policy so your no-claims bonus and premium remain unaffected
  • There is no insurance excess to pay
  • Usually same-day service

What service is offered?

  • We will remove small dents from your vehicle’s metal body-panels caused by bumps from adjacent car doors, shopping trolleys etc., where the paintwork is not damaged
  • We will repair stone chips to windscreens that are considered repairable by a professional glass company. This includes:
    • a crack where the run on the windscreen is less than 10mm in length – a chip with a diameter of less than 15mm in length

How do you use this service?

Contact us or Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) industries at their service centre. PDR will verify your vehicle details and book you vehicle in at a mutually convenient time.

What service is not offered?

PDR does not provide for the repair of damage:

  • That cannot be defined as a minor dent
  • Where the vehicle’s body panels, body parts and/ or paintwork are damaged to the extent that it requires panel beating, spray painting and/ or panel replacement
  • Caused by hail
  • As a result of rust caused to stickers, decals, accessories, door or window mouldings, lamps of any sort, any glass / window pane, or damage to any plastic parts

There is no provision under this service for any liability cover or any consequential loss.

Windscreen repairs will not be covered by a guarantee as the nature of the damage does not allow us to predict whether the crack or chip will run further

What if you incur damage more extensive than “minor dents”?

As this service is designed to compliment your motor insurance policy by looking after small dents in an economical way, more serious damage would be claimed for under your motor insurance policy.

Please contact us with any queries regarding paintless dent removal in Durban:

145 Old Main Road
Pinetown (behind Hi Q)
Tel: 031 701 8963
Fax: 031 701 8964
Email: pdrind@telkomsa.net

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