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Personal Assurance - Estate Planning | Reid RaetzerReid Raetzer

Personal Assurance – Estate Planning

Financial and Estate Planning

Financial planning is a part of the holistic service we provide to our clients, which includes estate planning.

Our expert financial planning advisors provide a computerised analysis of our clients’ requirements should they become disabled, as well as their families requirements should die. Our approach is to carefully analyse your needs and then to draw up a detailed plan that takes into account the following:

It’s crazy how much money people spend on protecting their assets, while neglecting their greatest asset – themselves – often with devastating consequences for their families.

Life assurance is the foundation for any financial plan but everyone has different needs. Families, particularly those with small children, need to ensure that enough money is available to pay off all debts should the breadwinner die. Also, funds need to be made available to cater for costs like estate duty and executor’s fees, as well as for investment purposes. The investment should provide sufficient income for the family to live on and must allow for inflation.

Our dedicated financial planners are able to calculate the amount of life cover an individual requires using a tailor-made financial needs analysis. This computer generated report is available to all our clients at no cost.

We have contracts with many Life Assurance companies and, as a result, have the ability to source the best priced premium in the market to suit a specific need.

This benefit can be added to a life assurance policy or be offered as a stand alone benefit. It provides a tax-free cash lump sum should an individual become permanently and totally disabled and as a result is unable to continue working.

There are various forms of disability cover which make partial payments, depending on the severity of the condition. The amount of disability cover which an individual requires can be ascertained by a financial needs analysis, which takes into account the individual’s assets, liabilities and income needs.

As with disability cover, this benefit may be added to a life assurance policy or taken out as a standalone benefit. The purpose of this benefit is to provide for a situation where an individual cannot work due to illness or injury. The benefit is paid out monthly and the maximum cover which an individual is able to take is 75% of declared income.

The monthly income, which is paid by the policy, is taxable, so the premiums which are paid towards this benefit are tax deductable. The benefit is payable up to a maximum of age 70 or until the individual recovers from his condition. It is important to bear in mind that you don’t have to be permanently disabled to claim under this benefit. It is vital that individuals who are self-employed or are not members of group benefit schemes include this benefit in their portfolio.

This benefit makes a tax free cash lump sum payout should an individual contract a ‘dread disease’. The conditions which are covered and the percentage payout vary from company to company and it is vital that you are fully aware of what is on offer before deciding which product to take. It is, however, also vital that you include this in your risk portfolio.

The benefit covers conditions such as heart attacks, liver transplants, multiple organ failure, severe burns and blindness.

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