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Retirement Planning | Reid RaetzerReid Raetzer

Retirement Planning

A retirement plan is something that many people tend to neglect, to their detriment. People, who don’t plan for retirement, perhaps by taking out an adequate retirement annuity, will more than likely not retire with any great degree of financial independence.

Our consultants can provide you with a detailed analysis of what your situation is likely to be at retirement and make recommendations as to how best to address any shortfalls. This retirement analysis will take all your assets and liabilities into consideration, as well as the level of income you require to retire on and the age at which you would like to retire.

Our computer generated report will clearly indicate how much money you’ll need to ensure the success of your plan.

We will recommend various vehicles which can be used for retirement planning, including: retirement annuities, savings plans and unit trusts.



These investments may be made on a single premium or monthly premium basis. The minimum term for a monthly policy is 5 years.

There is a wide array of investment portfolios from which to choose from in order to provide investors with the underlying investment portfolio which best suits his/hers individual risk profile (Conservative/Moderate/High Risk).

The proceeds of an Endowment policy are tax free and a tax-free income may be withdrawn from them. They may also include benefits such as Minimum Performance Guarantees and Premium Wavers which pay the premiums in the event of Disability or retrenchment of the policy owner.

These investments particularly suit those income earners whose tax rates are higher than 28% as the funds are taxed at the Corporate Rate as opposed to Individual Rates.



These are the pooled resources of thousands of investors who entrust their money to a management company. The management company buys shares on the JSE which are combined into a portfolio. The management company then divides the portfolio into many equal ‘units’ which are received by the investor for the money he/she has invested.

Investments can be made as either a Single Lump Sum, on a monthly basis or a combination of both. They are extremely flexible and very easily accessible as there is no fixed investment period.

Investors obtain direct access to wealth creation and profits of the JSE and need no expert knowledge or experience as teams of professionals manage their money on their behalf. There are hundreds of portfolios available from Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive and Specialist Sector Funds.

Reid Raetzer has negotiated direct access to various Fund Managers as opposed to our investors having to pay ‘Platform Fees’ through the various management companies. This serves to reduce the costs and enhance the returns for our clients.


Please contact us for a personal retirement planning consultation.

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